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Our screenings put the ‘test’ in Test Fest!

We’re proud to showcase the creative and innovative current work being made talented Australian independent filmmakers.

The main cinema event of the festival are our test screenings (showcased on our large main screen) of short-form film projects that are near the end of post-production. Our goal is to demystify the film-making process for audiences and provide filmmakers with an opportunity to screen their work and get live feedback.

These test screenings are also a chance for you, the audience, to be involved in the final steps of the film-making process! You can provide valuable feedback, encouragement and critique on these projects, opening up a conversation between you and the filmmakers.

Check back here for more details about our wonderful program of indie films!

Or you can follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to keep up to date with all the latest Test Fest news.

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