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C-stand Relay

What is a c-stand relay?

Two teams of four race against each other to see who can set up four c-stands the fastest. It is a relay-style format where the shot bag acts as a baton change.

Teams will compete on-on-one in several heats. In each heat, the losing team will be eliminated and the winner will progress onward until only one team remains.

How it works

Four collapsed c-stands lay on the ground, one in front of each player. The c-stands are each held down by a shot bag.

One at a time, team members will assemble their c-stand. You may not lift your shot bag from your collapsed c-stand until your teammate has put their shot bag back on their completed c-stand.

Once all four c-stands have been assembled, you have finished the race. The first team to complete the challenge wins!

Each team will be timed and the teams with the four fastest times will compete against each other on stage in the finals.


1st Place: A Kupo 30″ c-stand with sliding leg valued at $340, thanks to Urban Cine.

2nd Place: Free drink cards for the Test Fest Bar.

All entrants: A digital Certificate of Participation.

How to sign up

You can register your team prior to the event by filling out this form. Or, you can sign up on the night.

Teams are a maximum of four people, but you can sign up with less than four or as an individual and we’ll match you with other people on the night.

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